What is this, really?

It's a Game.


What's a Game?

You and say five of your most adventurous friends, racing from location to location and solving puzzles and participating in challenges along the way. For information on prior events, visit www.gamecontrol.com


Where is it?

In and around the Seattle area.


When is it?

The Game will begin on the evening of Friday, August 19th, and continue to the afternoon of Sunday, August 21st.


How many people can be on our team?

We recommend that you have 6 people on your team, and you must be able to all fit into your one vehicle. Your members will need to be able to participate for the entire length of the event. If you have friends who'd like to participate but can't be there for the entire thing, consider having them as "phone-a-friend" helpers from home.


Who's hosting it?

The group consists of members of various overlapping teams from other puzzle events, including Team Black, Team Yellow, The Usual Suspects, SCRuBBers, The Killer Bees, Cracking Good Toast, Team Obsidian, Team Briny Deep, and The Hive.


How much is it going to cost me?

$300 per player.


Damn, that's a lot of money. What does that get me?

We've played Games where there were surprise costs at every turn, which we thought was a pain. Instead we've opted to provide a (nearly) all-inclusive experience. This includes:

Part of the application process will include space for you to indicate food issues such that we can address them as well as we can.


When is the money due?

            After you have been accepted.


What happens if we cancel after we pay?

            Up through July 18th, we will return 50% of the amount.  After that, there are no refunds.


What happens if we want to participate but can't that weekend?

           We do beta-test the event on previous weekends!  Let us know if you're interested in helping test!


What do we need to provide for ourselves?

Your number one responsibility will be transportation for your team. Perhaps one of you has a van large enough for your team, or perhaps you will need to rent one for the weekend. Make sure it's big enough for all of you to be comfortable! You will need to pay for gas too since you'll be traveling.

At least one cell phone for your team for us to be able to reach you during the event if necessary.

Teams generally bring some technology to bear on puzzles. Laptops with productivity and reference software are the most basic requirements. Cellular and/or wireless Internet access can be useful. Be sure to stop by Radio Shack before the event for an inverter to turn your van's DC current into AC to recharge your batteries.

Bring lighting sources, such as flashlights and headlamps, since you will be playing through the night.

Personal items, such as extra clothing, toothbrushes, or additional snacks or drinks are your responsibility. Depending on the resources and references you have available to you, you might opt for some additional fees along the way (say using wireless internet access at Starbucks instead of your dialup cellular modem), but in general the activities will not require additional fees.

Need more ideas? Here's some more things that you might want to bring.


Is it safe?

You will not be asked to do anything dangerous. You will not be asked to do anything illegal. Some of the activities during the event will require vigorous physical effort. You will be driving, and driving overnight, but you do not need to speed or break any traffic laws.


But still, why should we participate?

Because it's going to be fun. Because there hasn't been a Game in Seattle since 2001. Because it's a very different experience from the Microsoft Puzzlehunt or the MIT Mystery Hunt -- the puzzles come in series rather than in parallel, and the variety of locations will include places you didn't even know existed.


How do we apply?

There's an application on this website. Fill it out and return it by June 6th, and we'll make the list of acceptances known by June 16th.


Is there a way to get an advantage in the application process?

The team that offers the best bribe will be accepted (along with the bribe).


We need to make travel plans and schedule time off from work. What time should we plan to arrive and depart?

Be able to participate starting in Seattle by 3pm Friday. Do not expect to leave town until 6pm Sunday.


One of my teammates has to work on Friday, can they join us on Saturday?

Sorry, but no.


Are any organizations sponsoring this event?

The event is being sponsored by the Sammamish Rotary.