Our Mission

The Galactic Consortium's mission is to publish interesting works across the galaxy that tell it like it is, sugar-coated with a bit of pizzazz.  We publish those works the other publishers are afraid to publish!

Company Profile

Galactic Consortium Press has been publishing quality works for 732 years and counting.  The Galactic Consortium is best known for its Mooncurser's Handbook, the indispensable guide for epicureans and entrepreneurs.


The 42nd printing of the Mooncurser's Handbook is just around the corner.  Order your copy now before supplies run out, it is a very limited edition!

UPDATE: Information about the release party as well as the handbook itself can now be found at http://www.mooncurser.info/.

Contact Information

Postal address
47d 27.0m N, 122d 18.5m W, Terra, Sol
Electronic mail
webmaster at galacticconsortium.com