About Us

We at the Galactic Consortium would like to let you know a little bit about us.

Kered DaVeen - Galactic Consortium Chairman / Application Judge

Kered DaVeen is the Prime Groftle from Anchoooz. He has held this position for 4 of his past 6 lifetimes. Like all Anchooozians he likes to snowboard and pick nyb berries. His pride and joy are his five children. The first loves to go buy things, the second is a homebody, the fourth won't touch his food, and the fifth keeps repeating the Anchooozian exclamation, "Wee!" His third son is his only confusion. Kered would love nothing more than to have someone present little Snookums's favorite dish; wouldn't that spice up an application!

Typhaknee Waddlebottom - Galactic Consortium Chief Executive Officer
Typhaknee is the Galactic Consortium Handbook's new CEO.  Rockin' to the top, Typh!  She comes to us from the highly acclaimed Frozni's Finishing School. When she's not knitting sweaters for her stuffed animals she likes to shear Jkno sheep and eat cereal. She's always ready to lend a helping hand, or two, or three.

Erte McCloud - Mooncurser's Handbook Writer

Erte hails from the western paradise that is Eastworld.  He showed signs of promise as a child; his kindergarten finger paints are still galactically renowned.  However, Erte's spent most of his life bumming around the galaxy, searching out the best nooks and crannies, coasting comfortably on his childhood fame.

Salvatore Chihuahua© - Mooncurser's Handbook Writer

Salvatore Chihuahua©’s entire life is subject to Intergalactic Trans-Dimensional copyright and cannot be republished without the express written consent of Major League Beetleball.