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The Game - August 19-21, 2005

The Mooncurser's Handbook is the definitive and indispensable guide for epicureans and entrepreneurs throughout the galaxy. Each edition is exhaustively researched by our crack team of writers, editors, and unpaid interns. No stone is left unturned, no pint is left unpoured in our relentless pursuit of the only handbook you will ever need on your travels.

And when that doesn't work, we start making stuff up.

Having invited 130 people to the release party for the 42nd edition of the Mooncurser's Handbook, we figured it would be pretty cool to actually have a handbook to release. And since we already knew we would be distributing Palms, this seemed entirely feasible.

We didn't want to overwhelm teams by dumping the entire 42nd edition on them all at once; we wanted teams to read the handbook throughout the whole event. To accomplish this, we included an index in the handbook that was initially blank. Teams could discover handbook entries in different ways and once they visited an entry, it would show up in the index. Additionally, those entries could link to others, which would also show up in the index, marked as unread. The access points into the handbook were the trading goods and the arrival codes and solutions. So some of the content was available early on via the trading goods, but the rest would only be revealed as a team progressed through the game. There were also a handful of hidden entries that were not linked from anything, but were referenced on the pre-game website. Details on the handbook structure can be found in the Handbook submenu.

The Mooncurser's Handbook contains over 200 entries covering travel destinations, galactic society, valuable trading information, important safety tips, egg-harvesting strategies, alternatives to limbs, unpleasant odors, and so much more. The 42nd edition is now available online.


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