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How Does it End?

Our route was approximately 250 miles long. Teams started in Bellingham, drove south to Bothell, swung east to Carnation, looped back through Snohomish, wandered around Seattle through the night and finally headed down to the finish line in Tacoma.

The first column shows the range of times during which teams were scheduled to arrive at a location. Needless to say, the schedule tried to drift later over the course of the weekend. The first line of defense was skippage. Locations toward the end of each leg had skip times; any team leaving after this time was skipped over any remaining locations and sent to the next pit stop. Several clues were seen by only a couple of teams and a few were skipped entirely. Realistically, these were bonus clues for uncommonly fast teams. If some of the scheduled times look odd, it's probably because they are taking skips into account.

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