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How Does it End?

Below are the results of the trading game for each leg. Ties were resolved by the order in which teams turned in their goods. Click the titles for complete details.

Leg one was completely dominated by the Focus Bonus. Focus divided teams into groups and everything else broke ties (or failed to).

In leg two, the top three teams got the Fussy Eater bonus with only three food items. After that, we had a couple good Museum Bonuses and a magnificent performance by Snout, who had 12 drugs--10 of them unethical--for a massive 100 point Addiction Bonus.

Leg three saw a lot of different strategies. Boodstar Boneship made excellent use of the Mooncurser Edition Bonus in combination with a double Focus Bonus. Golden Nugget took home the Addiction Bonus this time and threw in a very nice 6-card straight. Serenity took Top Quality, but Pimp My Ship was close on their heels with a seven-card Museum Bonus. Encrypterprise scored serious style points with a double astromoth that helped put them in fifth. Sixth through ninth were each separated by a single cedrick. Haberdasher played it safe and got sixth with a very balanced cargo bay. Sharkship One snuck into seventh by taking home the Fussey Eater Bonus with four foods. The Basil Lover came in at number eight with a beautiful pair of Bundle Bonuses, sizes three and four.

Leg 1

Leg 2

Leg 3


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