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Sex for Drugs

Following are all of the goods that teams could acquire during the game, plus the astromoth, which could only be hatched from an Onydium nodule. You can also View the cards.

NameCategoryAttributes (leg 2+)
Angel of Death Virusanimalunethical, dangerous
Berserker beammanufacturedunethical, dangerous
Bloodleaf hormonevegetabledrug, unethical
Celestial algaevegetablefood
Comet buganimalrare, dangerous
Dolphin steakanimalfood, unethical
Dussstmineralsex, drug
EmbroTissueanimalfood, unethical
Fendari oremineraldangerous
Jovinut oilvegetablerare
Marion hologrammanufacturedrare
Meteor beetleanimaldrug
Monofilamentvegetablerare, dangerous
Moonbloomvegetablesex, rare
Onydium noduleanimal
Pied Piper serummanufactureddrug, unethical
Playalien Magazinemanufacturedsex
Saturated wheatgermvegetablefood
shepherd's friendanimalsex, food
Soylent Mauvemanufacturedfood, unethical
Suntoad extractanimaldrug
Telepathic catanimalrare
Tribonium rodmineralunethical, dangerous
Xanjian rumvegetablefood, drug
XGender implantsmanufactureddrug
Zero-G diamondmineralrare

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