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Trading Goods
Angel of Death virus
Berserker Beam
celestial algae
comet bug
Fendari ore
Marion hologram
meteor beetle
Pied Piper Serum
Playalien Magazine
saturated wheatgerm
shepherd's friend
Soylent Mauve
suntoad extract
telepathic cat
Xanjian rum
XGender implants
zero-g diamond

Aardvark Inn

The Aardvark Inn is the most famous hotel on the planet Gellish. Established in 5742 by celebrity chef Rex Tiborg, the Inn is renowned for insectoid-based cuisine.

Analor V

Analor V is the latest in custom-planet designs, offering complete control of its weather systems down to the square mile. Part of the Sphere Dynasty, it boasts the highest cost of living in the galaxy and is flush with technological marvels, including the finest Bodhi cables and luxury nucleozoomers. Teleskates are the newest rage, with people of all ages surfing the telewaves.


The air peaks of Anchoooz are swaddled in a perpetual blanket of soft, powdery snow. Its picturesque chalets, perched high among the mountaintops, are accustomed to hosting the creme de la creme of galactic society--and separating them from every loose cedrick. The sublime nyb berry liqueur may be worth the swarm of meteor beetles you'll have plowing into your brain the next morning, but it's nowhere near worth the exorbitant rates you'll pay for it.


Utensils for supporting wood when burning in a fireplace, one being placed on each side; a firedog; as, a pair of andirons. Historians credit Marcus Nembek with the accidental discovery of andirons as the only known method of retrieving kurgle eggs without arousing the considerable wrath of the mother.

Andovian flu

A harmless 24-hour disease that nonetheless causes blood to ooze out of all of the carrier's pores through the course of the infection. This explains why Andovia is the world's leading importer of Burtle Teflon sheets.

Angel of Death virus

A genetically engineered microorganism developed during the Photogenic Wars, the Angel of Death virus was designed to target a specific species genome. Once introduced into a member of the target species, the virus shut down the body's excretory system. Unable to defecate, victims of the virus would suffer from painful gastrointestinal disorders and yellowing of the skin as bodily toxins accumulated. Eventually the respiratory or cardiovascular systems shut down, resulting in death.

In the wake of the Canary Incident, the Angel of Death virus was outlawed by the Bulova Accords and all known samples were destroyed.


Welcome to the Pluto Menagerie.

Data processing is in progress. As the HINT system makes discoveries, you will be notified of any insights you are about to have.


Apogee Consolidated is a multicluster conglomerate with divisions in a number of diverse fields including spaceship bras, exterior garbage containers (via their U-Tow line), Markin lures, and of course, dicatalytic converters. Their latest venture is a chain of viewing posts which can reveal the mysteries of the past, under the slogan: "That's right, stuff that's already happened!" This venture should be less vulnerable to claims of libel than Apogee's previous effort, What's Next Inc., which we cannot discuss due to ongoing legal action in 56 systems and mostly illegal action in 23 more.

Speaking of consolidation, Mooncursers enjoy a Bundle Bonus: All MANUFACTURED items of matching quality earn a bonus of N * (N+1) / 2 *per item*, where N is the number of matching items.

The closest viewing post is at [47.6614 N, 122.3334 W].


An enormous arcology orbiting the planet Bessel, designed to be completely self-sustaining. Armageddon contains its own lakes, farms, wildlife, and weather systems. It was christened Armageddon by a project director with a dark sense of humor. When a political misunderstanding escalated into worldwide nuclear war, nobody was more surprised than he. As he was planetside promoting the arcology at the time, however, his surprise was as short-lived as the rest of the population. Electromagnetic pulses damaged some systems--to this day, scrambled reaperbots harvest crops in irregular patterns--but most essential systems have been restored.

Though self-sustaining, Armageddon's occupants are isolated from galactic society and always eager for novelties from exotic corners of the galaxy. In other words, this might be a good place to unload your Jubian diamonds. Be sure to stop by Cafe Beda before you leave; travelers with news to share will never find their glasses empty.

The arcology can be found at [47.9311 N, 122.1689 W].


(nul)   0 0000 0x00
(soh)   1 0001 0x01
(stx)   2 0002 0x02
(etx)   3 0003 0x03
(eot)   4 0004 0x04
(enq)   5 0005 0x05
(ack)   6 0006 0x06
(bel)   7 0007 0x07
(bs)    8 0010 0x08
(ht)    9 0011 0x09
(nl)   10 0012 0x0a
(vt)   11 0013 0x0b
(np)   12 0014 0x0c
(cr)   13 0015 0x0d
(so)   14 0016 0x0e
(si)   15 0017 0x0f
(dle)  16 0020 0x10
(dc1)  17 0021 0x11
(dc2)  18 0022 0x12
(dc3)  19 0023 0x13
(dc4)  20 0024 0x14
(nak)  21 0025 0x15
(syn)  22 0026 0x16
(etb)  23 0027 0x17
(can)  24 0030 0x18
(em)   25 0031 0x19
(sub)  26 0032 0x1a
(esc)  27 0033 0x1b
(fs)   28 0034 0x1c
(gs)   29 0035 0x1d
(rs)   30 0036 0x1e
(us)   31 0037 0x1f
(sp)   32 0040 0x20
!      33 0041 0x21
"      34 0042 0x22
#      35 0043 0x23
$      36 0044 0x24
%      37 0045 0x25
&      38 0046 0x26
'      39 0047 0x27
(      40 0050 0x28
)      41 0051 0x29
*      42 0052 0x2a
+      43 0053 0x2b
,      44 0054 0x2c
-      45 0055 0x2d
.      46 0056 0x2e
/      47 0057 0x2f
0      48 0060 0x30
1      49 0061 0x31
2      50 0062 0x32
3      51 0063 0x33
4      52 0064 0x34
5      53 0065 0x35
6      54 0066 0x36
7      55 0067 0x37
8      56 0070 0x38
9      57 0071 0x39
:      58 0072 0x3a
;      59 0073 0x3b
<      60 0074 0x3c
=      61 0075 0x3d
>      62 0076 0x3e
?      63 0077 0x3f
@      64 0100 0x40
A      65 0101 0x41
B      66 0102 0x42
C      67 0103 0x43
D      68 0104 0x44
E      69 0105 0x45
F      70 0106 0x46
G      71 0107 0x47
H      72 0110 0x48
I      73 0111 0x49
J      74 0112 0x4a
K      75 0113 0x4b
L      76 0114 0x4c
M      77 0115 0x4d
N      78 0116 0x4e
O      79 0117 0x4f
P      80 0120 0x50
Q      81 0121 0x51
R      82 0122 0x52
S      83 0123 0x53
T      84 0124 0x54
U      85 0125 0x55
V      86 0126 0x56
W      87 0127 0x57
X      88 0130 0x58
Y      89 0131 0x59
Z      90 0132 0x5a
[      91 0133 0x5b
\      92 0134 0x5c
]      93 0135 0x5d
^      94 0136 0x5e
_      95 0137 0x5f
`      96 0140 0x60
a      97 0141 0x61
b      98 0142 0x62
c      99 0143 0x63
d     100 0144 0x64
e     101 0145 0x65
f     102 0146 0x66
g     103 0147 0x67
h     104 0150 0x68
i     105 0151 0x69
j     106 0152 0x6a
k     107 0153 0x6b
l     108 0154 0x6c
m     109 0155 0x6d
n     110 0156 0x6e
o     111 0157 0x6f
p     112 0160 0x70
q     113 0161 0x71
r     114 0162 0x72
s     115 0163 0x73
t     116 0164 0x74
u     117 0165 0x75
v     118 0166 0x76
w     119 0167 0x77
x     120 0170 0x78
y     121 0171 0x79
z     122 0172 0x7a
{     123 0173 0x7b
|     124 0174 0x7c
}     125 0175 0x7d
~     126 0176 0x7e
(del) 127 0177 0x7f


A cravat with wide square ends secured with an ornamental pin. Once considered the height of fashion throughout the Confed, Ascots have since fallen into disuse in the dire aftermath of the Canary Incident.


Little is known about the astromoth, an elusive creature seen only in fleeting glimpses in the space between star systems. The astromoth reportedly rides solar winds using enormous, sail-like wings upwards of twelve smoots long, and is apparently one of the few known organisms capable of surviving in the vacuum of space. Should a Mooncurser be able to capture a live astromoth, he could easily fetch a base value of 12 cedricks for the animal.

Augustinian trout

Augustinian trout are a form of currency in the Silver Cluster.

Aunt Mae

Notorious overlord of Dorion from 5751 to 5763, Aunt Mae rose to power in the wake of the hair net riots. Prior to that, she gained fame as the aunt of a minor diplomat on the island of Fen. In 5740, she almost certainly would have been convicted under interplanetary biocontainment treaties for managing the diplomat's lucrative kleeg-trafficking business had several key witnesses not become permanently unavailable. While in power, her policies focused on more effective climate management, a complete repeal of the zero-debris sanitation laws, and the return of the ascot to haute couture.

Axog, Prime

As the leading zoobotanist on Zegra IV Axog has earned the distinguished title of "Prime". His work on gene splicing canary tails on Kissok Berries was hailed as the greatest achievement a zoobotanist could hope to accomplish. Thus, no one was surprised that after accepting the accolades of his peers he changed himself into a small mouse-like animal and scurried away. He hasn't been seen since.

Azbar Island

Azbar Island is the smallest yet most resource-rich landmass on the planet of Linar. The best local products may be purchased each week at the Merchants' Street Bazaar. Particularly sought-after items include Markin lures, papier-mache zignaughts, and Ralurian mangoes.

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