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Location: Alki pit stop (EPICURE)
Arrival code:

How about some blackjack?

Purse: $25


  1. Double is offered any time a player's first two cards add to 10 or 11. Doubles are allowed after splits.
  2. A player may split any pair against any dealer's up card.
  3. Any time a player's hand reaches a value of 21, the dealer will notify the player.
  4. After each hand, the dealer reveals whether it was a win, loss, or push, then pays winning bets.
  5. Player wins a push.
  6. Blackjack pays 2 to 1.
  7. The dealer stays on any hand of 17 or better, and never splits or doubles.
  8. The table limit is a $5 bet.
  9. There is no offer of insurance or surrender.

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