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Location: Seattle Center, Key Arena
Arrival code: NUMBERS

This clue took place outside the front door of Key Arena in Seattle Center (see the picture). The small sign on the ground in front of the pillar says "Stand here" (facing the pillar). This clue can only be solved on site. The brochure contained this information:

10 115 109 10 115 139 13 20
143 153 139 20 4 71

And this warning:


Show hints at [0] [15] [25] minutes

15: The analytical side of your brain is captivated by the spheres, the number of which seems highly significant (minus of course the 3 that don't count).

25: The HINT system is activating advanced measures to scour your perceptions for a new angle on your current situation. A common tool to assist you with this is available at the tourist desk in exchange for one trading good.

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