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Location: Federal Way Commons
Arrival code: BLINKY

light light light light light

Toggle debug info if you want a more detailed look at what's going on.

This clue was intended to be a physical device with blinking LEDs. Unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties along the way and at the last minute swapped in a software simulation. The simulator was originally written only to be a prototype for testing, but it worked well enough for the real thing. For the event, of course, the JavaScript was obfuscated and the debug info was not included.

In order to solve this clue, you may want to refer to the Handbook.

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10: When the sixth light is on, you have an opportunity to make patterns with the switches and press the submit button next to the switches. The other button is a reset button.

20: The blinking lights produce handbook entries using various well-known encoding schemes. The last letter is missing, which you must supply with the switches. The first encoding should be extreeeeemely familiar.

35: For some of these encodings, multiple patterns are used to represent each letter. There is a long break between blinks after each letter. You will have to press the submit button once for each pattern used to make the appropriate letter.

45: The bomb disposal expert at MALLOX POINT may be able to give you some small assistance. Return there if you feel you need help.

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