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Location: McDonald Park Base Camp
Arrival code: PARK

The player with the fast hands got a shot at the cash cube. The cube was filled with slips of paper with short strings of letters on them. A selection of those slips is shown below. To take another trip into the cube, just reload this page.

The cash cube also contained some purple slips with a trading rule on them. This was the only way players would know how many megarads of omnicron radiation was necessary to hatch an astromoth. We threw some leftover Monopoly money in the cube as well, just for fun.

Show hints at [0] [5] [20] [35] minutes

5: HINT has determined that you are about to decide that there is no anagramming required here.

20: The HINT system predicts that you will soon notice that there is a single master message, and each paper contains a subset of those letters - always in order, but not always contiguous.

35: HINT predicts that you will soon wish you had looked for MOONCURSERS as the first word.

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