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Location: Mojo Music (PERGOBELLUM)
Arrival code: MOJO

Fill in the blanks and then enter those words alphabetically below.

My parents thought my interest in music would ____ away, that it was just a passing ____. I ____ them to let me play guitar, but my comments fell on ____ ears. One night I sat on the ____ of my ____ and cried into my pillow. I felt trapped like a lion in a ____. I decided that I'd rather be ____ than stay at home any longer. I called for a ____ and stuffed a clean shirt and a pair of ____ blue jeans into a ____. I felt a little ____ about not saying goodbye. The driver wore a Hawaiian shirt and had one of those ____ seat covers. When he smiled at me the laugh lines on his ____ made him look older than his true ____. My stomach told me that I needed to strap on the old ____, so I asked him to drop me anyplace I could get an ____ white omelet and a cup of ____. He pulled up to an alliterative diner called "Katheleen's Country ____." Naturally, the entree of the day was corned ____ and ____. I paid the fare and went inside.


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15: HINT is predicting this important note - scale down the alphabet!

25: HINT thinks that you'll soon be sure that each set of blanks is filled by a word whose letters are all between A and G (just like the musical notes).

35: HINT is positive that you'll recognize the song that is played on the bottom two lines, even if you're tone deaf. To make it easier to read, you could break it into six sections of seven notes each.

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