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Location: Sunset Bowl (SALON BRAVO DELTA)
Arrival code: SUNSET

For this clue, players were sent to Sunset Bowl and directed to start bowling. Each team was allowed to have one person bowling at a time, on a lane that they shared with another team. After each frame, bowlers were to check in with a nearby GC representative. Depending on their score for that frame, the players might receive some information.

In the box below, enter a bowling score for one frame. Valid scores are all single characters. Of course, if you really want to experience this clue, you should go to a bowling alley and actually bowl. It's a lot more fun that way.

I give up. Show all clue data.

Show hints at [0] [35] [50] [60] minutes

35: The HINT system has deduced that you were about to realize the significance of the number of pins knocked down by each ball.

50: The HINT system has noticed that you've almost recognized the significance of bowling pins having the numbers 1 through 10 associated with them.

60: The HINT system is impressed that you are close to a breakthrough in which you've realized that you can play connect the dots with the pin numbers, using zeros as breaks.

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