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Location: Alki pit stop (EPICURE)
Arrival code:

Feeling optimistic, we had an extra puzzle waiting at Alki, in case any teams were so far ahead in leg three that they needed something to do while the rest of the teams caught up. No team saw this puzzle.

Below is an encoded communication that was recently stumbled upon. We believe it contains information about covert and illegal activities that may be going on in this sector. Our experts have been unable to decipher the message, but have determined how it is encoded. Here are the rules they know:

  1. The picture can be folded into a cube.
  2. Each space is filled in by one of 16 letters.
  3. Every face contains each of the 16 letters once and only once.
  4. Every circumference contains each of the 16 letters once and only once. A circumference is a 16 space strip that wraps around the cube. Each space is part of two circumferences.


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