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Location: Big Rock Sculpture Garden (DIAMOND STAR)
Arrival code: STROLLING

This clue was set in a sculpture garden in Bellingham. Players were given a map of the garden with letters around the sculpture markers. They also had the following short story:

I should have stayed in orbit on the Blue Heron and listened to my intuition. Free fall knocked out my thrusters, and now my shuttle's doing its best impression of an upside-down turtle in the noonday sun. Mask is dead, killed on impact. I buried him near the shuttle, and I'm trying to get the image of his crushed body out of my head - I can't afford that emotional baggage if I'm going to survive. The Gorgon's nearby. I can see her handiwork everywhere. Now everything depends on finding the Brown Owl transponder the messenger said was here. If what he said was true, my people can never have peace without it - there are billions of lives in the balance. My search has been fruitless so far, but it's not over until the fat lady sings or turns you to stone. "The statues see," he said. I'm glad someone does. Perhaps I will soon.

The story contained the titles of twelve of the pieces of art. Each piece had at least one obvious face that gazed at a surrounding letter on the map. Aside from the name, the important thing about each statue was the direction it was looking. You pretty much had to be there.

Show hints at [0] [15] [30] [45] [55] [65] minutes

15: HINT can feel that you are about to notice that some of the art work here is mentioned in the story.

30: You are about to realize that there are 12 pieces of art mentioned in the story.

45: HINT is pretty certain you're about to notice that the art pieces mentioned in the story are gazing in different directions.

55: The HINT system predicts that you will soon realize that each of the eighteen faces in the mentioned pieces of art looks at one letter on the map.

65: HINT feels in your mind the recognition that the letters around art pieces with multiple faces should be taken clockwise starting from the north.

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