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Location: Seattle Center
Arrival code: MECHANIC

Seattle Center had four separate clues which could be solved in any order. Every time a team solved one of them, they were given a bag of plastic pieces. Once they had all four bags, they had to assemble the pieces into a 5x5x5 cube and read a word off the faces.


Show hints at [0] [10] [20] [30] minutes

10: You've never seen a dicatalytic converter before, but you're pretty sure that it's a 5x5x5 cube.

20: Any moment now, you will understand the colors: - Yellow always goes on the inside 3x3 section. Pieces with 4 yellow faces are "edges" of the 3x3 interior, and pieces with 3 yellow faces are "corners". - There are two sides each of red, green, and blue. These faces have black markings on them.

30: HINT just knows that you are going to realize that the markings on the sides are English letters that spell the name of the manufacturer. You'll read them RGBRGB.

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