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Location: Museum of Glass (DAXLE)
Arrival code: MUSEUM

This clue was located on the bridge of Tacoma's Museum of Glass. Part of this bridge has a wall of cubbies with glass vases in them. Teams received a list of questions, with pictures of individual vases marking the letters of the answers. They also received a blank map of the wall, into which they could copy the letters from the answers. Below are the fourteen questions; you'll need to refer to the Handbook to answer them.

  1. Location of council that outlawed nanotechnological weapons (6)
  2. Proprietor of the Aardvark Inn (3,6)
  3. Game of chance involving Brunswicks and kurgle bones (7)
  4. 78th planet in the Tronspark System (6)
  5. Addictive narcotic in Your Drink of Drinks (9)
  6. First ship to return from a now eponymous collection of asteroids (8)
  7. Snuff Rock pioneers (7)
  8. The planet swallower (6)
  9. Reptilians opposed to change (5)
  10. Direction of Thornak approach (7)
  11. Learned from an Urthampic Monk (6,5)
  12. Ingredient in deadly poison (5,4)
  13. Delicacy of unknown origin (5,4)
  14. Risky gambit in Wolf's Tooth (6,3)

Show hints at [0] [10] [35] minutes

10: HINT reports you'll very soon know that each clue can be answered by a word or phrase from The Mooncurser's Handbook.

35: HINT sees you determined to read a message from the glass wall once you've answered the clues.

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