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Location: Guild 45th (APOGEE)
Arrival code: THEATER

At the release party the night before the game, we had a number of activities to entertain the players after dinner. One of them was a special version of charades. One person would charade a word to a video camera and two people in the next room would try to guess it. There was no other communication between the two, so the performer just had to keep going until they got it.

The words that people were charading included a set of words that we had carefully chosen for later use. After the party, one dedicated GC member stayed up all night editing the footage into a clue. That clue was presented on the big screen at the Guild 45th Theater around 3 am on Sunday. We are indebted to the Guild 45th for making this possible. Keep an eye out for GC cameos; not all of the words we needed were successfully performed by players.

You can download the movie in two different sizes here:

In order to hint this clue, we had to allow teams to get free identifications at intervals. The hint system delivered passwords at predefined times that teams could use to claim their IDs. If you're having trouble identifying some of the charades, Help is available.

In addition, we have a bonus video available:

  • charades_gc.mov (19.5 MB): GC's test puzzle. This features three GC members and one roommate. Aside from the author, the actors didn't know how the puzzle worked until we test-solved it later. Most of the words are the same as the final movie, but not all.

Show hints at [0] [10] [30] [40] [50] [60] minutes

10: HINT has uncovered a vague memory of you identifying these charades. From what it can remember, they all correspond to single words.

30: HINT is reasonably sure that you're about to use the password FILET, and that when you do, the theater host will identify a single charade for you.

40: HINT has been busy! It has uncovered an extremely high probability that you will soon discover commonality among the charaded words, perhaps by speaking them aloud. Furthermore, your path leads back to the lobby, where you'll exchange the password DERBY for another charade's identification.

50: HINT's diagnostics have revealed you focusing on pairing up these words. The theater host may also prove useful, should you employ the password LUNACY.

60: HINT can now confidently say you'll use the film's temporal order to sort the relevant clips. The theater host will also reward you for using the password HANDY.

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